Claire Donaghy


Contemporary,  abstract artist.





              Artist’s Profile

Claire began using art to express her feelings and her view of the world at an early age.  She covered the walls of her parent’s dairy with drawings using charcoal from an open fire.  She still uses charcoal and many other mediums as well as collage to explore line, shape and texture in her pieces.


Claire is a Brisbane resident married with a son and a daughter. Her studies in Art and extensive travel have given

her an eye for colour and texture which is evident in her vibrant paintings.  Claire’s love of painting and drawing persuaded her to study art in high school through to a tertiary level, also majoring in art at Teacher’s college.


In recent years Claire has completed Studio Level Classes at the Brisbane Institute of Art  and Brisbane Artists

Academé and attended Mc Greggor Summer Schools through the University of the Southern Downs.  She regularly

 paints and exhibits with a group of artists called Ten Plus One. Her work has also been exhibited at many public

events and several galleries around Brisbane.


            She was teaching part time and enjoyed instilling the love and joy of painting and drawing into her young pupils.

“I am passionate about abstraction. The works of Paul Klee for his luminous colours and the composition

 and bold colours of Kadinsky  and Matisse have had a strong impact on my work. I use colour, movement,

 contrast and texture to express my feelings and to make visual the essence of what is within. Fragments of

 my personal life resonate in my paintings – responses to my recollections of journeys taken, places visited,

 music listened to  and even a patchwork business I once co-owned”.


For the past 20 years Claire has travelled extensively with her husband to Europe, Africa, America, Canada and  most recently the Middle East and India.  Each journey leaves a lasting impression which has pervaded her work through colours, shapes, lines, washes texture, layering and  brush marks.


Another strong influence on Claire’s work is her fascination with geology.

“I love the effects of weathering, erosion and geological upheaval visible in rock formations.  I am always

 fascinated by the myriad of colours found in stone and these elements are to be found in many of my works”.

Claire’s colorful works are abstract in nature and often open to many interpretations.


“I am often surprised and amused by the different subliminal images people see in my work . I think this is

the beauty of abstraction. The art can consciously be in touch with the subconscious while stirring and inspiring

 our everyday lives.”


 “My paintings always take me on a journey that is both unanticipated and delightful and I can only hope that

 my art transports and strikes a chord with my viewers as well.”


Kadinsky said, "Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords.

 The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically."