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    We own two of Claire Donaghy’s original pieces.  Both are triptychs and although quite different, come from

    the same font of creativity.

   Claire has a fantastic sense of colour and shape which makes any informal living space come alive.  

   The interesting abstract style allows the paintings to stimulate discussion. Their vibrancy reflects the artist’s 


   We are proud to have these paintings as part of our collection.  

                       Don & Deborah Anderson



Isn’t it fantastic, as I said it is the most noticed item in my house, Amanda came over  today and loved it, said she would love something like

 that for her new house at Cooparoo and Kim and Ken were raving…colour really lifts everyone’s mood I’ve decided. Kim and Ken were 

  raving…colour really lifts everyone’s mood I’ve decided.

             Kellie Luck



I have 6 of Claire’s paintings and if I had the space I would have more. My house was lovely as it was, but it needed something to give it a lift. 

Claire’s paintings have done that and my house has been transformed as a result.

Thank you Claire

             Lyn Parker  



 Claire’s painting has made our lounge room come alive.  We needed a new painting to brighten up the room and make our lounge room look  modern  and Industrial_Cartography has done just that  it looks great and everyone who see's it just loves the painting.  

Thanks Claire

Desmond Kenyon 



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